Recruiters skills – what should be developed?
July 22, 2020

Ask five-year-olds who they dream to be in the future. Probably you will get answers such as doctors, streamers, vets, or princes, and princesses. Do you know a child whose answer might be “I’m going to be a recruiter!”?

Doubtful…. Does it mean that a recruiter’s job is not attractive? It is probably not as popular as, for example, an animal-loving vet or a YouTube-passionate streamer. The term „recruitment” doesn’t bring such obvious associations.  Do you have to be born as a good recruiter? Not necessarily. Certainly, this is a profession that requires specific predispositions, but what is required foremost is a constant desire for skill development.

Soft recruiters skills – passion?

As in any job, you probably won’t be successful without a genuine passion for what you do. A passionless recruiter who does not follow new trends and recruiting news might get stalled very quickly. This concerns IT recruiters, especially. You don’t have to be able to write code, but you should have the basic knowledge of terms and their meaning, for example, that Java and JavaScript are not the same, or that Angular already has a newer version than 5. Interviews with candidates will quickly verify your knowledge and involvement. Once your candidate realizes you are interested in what you do, you can easily earn their respect. If you don’t know where you can possess such knowledge, you can try a tool called GlossaryTech which is a browser plugin that guides us through technical definitions

Soft recruiters skills – responsibility?

A recruiter who fails to keep promises can quickly lose the trust of their candidates. By running the recruitment process we represent not only yourself but the entire company. The way recruiters present themselves at the interview has a significant impact on the assessment of the whole organization. Therefore it is important to work on this and take responsibility for it. Respect the feedback deadlines, schedule appointments on the calendar. Our arrangements with candidates should not change without their knowledge. What may be extremely useful is an ATS such as Hello Astra, where each note about a candidate is stored within easy reach. Generally, it is a recruiter’s job to interest a potential candidate in the offer.

Responsibility also stands for being prepared for a conversation. Good recruiters treat their candidates with respect. A careful reading of the person’s profile shows that we take our work seriously.

As we prepare for the interview, we should ensure a complete set of information that will allow us to build the most precise picture of our proposal. Unfortunately, recruiters often conduct recruitment processes without detailed data such as requirements or job descriptions. In such a situation candidates should not be provided with false information. In this case, the best solution seems to be explaining why there is a lack of information and ensuring that obtaining the information about the project will be a priority in the next recruitment steps.

Soft recruiters skills – communication?

Working in an HR department means continuous improvement of soft skills. The most important ones are good communication skills. They allow not only to efficiently manage a recruiter-candidate relationship but also to present a company’s mission and values in an accurate way. Many people may not be aware of the importance of such factors as context (especially in contact with someone from a culture other than ours) or the appropriate function of language code. Our candidates will probably appreciate the communication in which we show attention and commitment.

Being talkative help. Some taciturn people and introverts might end their workday in tension and stress. Conducting meetings and telephone interviews is an integral part of this profession. It is worth verifying if our personality type will be appropriate for this role.

When it comes to skill development we can say “ Sky is the limit ”. Each newly acquired competence will bring you closer to the status of a professional in your field, regardless of whether it will be a foreign language, openness,  empathy, or great sales skills. The world of HR is constantly raising the bar. Recruiters are outdoing themselves in gaining certifications and training. The most important thing is to keep your finger on the pulse and not let others leave you behind. Especially in times of remote work, the HR market offers many opportunities for free development without leaving home. It is worth following events such as online conferences or webinars, discovering new blogs on recruitment topics, reading articles published on Linkedin, or taking part in discussions on dedicated Facebook groups.