List of ideas for employee benefits in IT
October 6, 2020

Perhaps you think you know all the possible employee benefits. Maybe you’re running out of ideas and you’d like to surprise your employees. Use our cataloged list of employee benefits and check if something inspires you. Some may seem funny at first glance, but they turn out to be needed.

There is nothing better than being diverse and allowing the company to support the different needs of its employees.

Popular company benefits:

Sports benefits

Sports benefits, despite the pandemic, still enjoy great popularity. To take care of mental hygiene, we should concentrate on a healthy body. Check out our list of the most popular sports benefits:

  • Gym passes
  • Sports challenges (cycling, running, stepping)
  • Sports activities with a trainer
  • Sponsorship of participation in sports competitions
  • Participation in employee sports sections
  • Subscription to sports applications
  • Free sports bands
  • Addition to the purchase of home fitness equipment

Health Benefits

If our employees are healthy and have easier access to care, they will feel safer. A sense of security increases the productivity and satisfaction of colleagues. Check if any of the benefits are present in your company:

  • Medical package
  • Life insurance
  • Psychological support
  • Lectures with psychologists / therapists
  • Free flu vaccination

Wellness benefits:

Harmony, taking care of yourself and your well-being is a very dynamically growing need among people. Supporting peace and comfort is recently something that the employer should take into account so that the comfort of work can positively influence the results. Check if any of these benefits are worth considering in your organization:

  • Yoga
  • Masseur in the office
  • Massage pass
  • Acupuncture at work
  • Subscription to meditation apps
  • SPA at work
  • Course in coping with stress
  • 1:1 sessions with specialists (such as: psychologist / trainer / dietitian)

Benefits of days off

More occasional days off means more well-rested employees. More well-rested employees mean greater productivity. See what benefits could help in this.

  • Birthday leave
  • Menstrual leave
  • Summer Fridays
  • Co-financing for holidays

Benefits as office equipment

The right office equipment often helps to clear your mind and come up with a brilliant idea.

  • Fruit in the office
  • Playroom
  • Nap room
  • Musical room where you can play instruments
  • Massage chairs
  • Scream room where you can scream and nobody hear that
  • Standing desks
  • Mini golf set
  • Welcome kits for new employees

Self-improvement benefits

It’s wonderful to get better no matter what the categories are. The sense of development is something that can be an exciting adventure for many. If, by the way, you increase the value of the company for your clients

Don’t be afraid to invest in people!

  • Co-financing of foreign language learning
  • Co-financing for certified industry training
  • Lectures / webinars in various fields

The benefits of freedom

The thought that you can do your job of high quality but do it your own way is a very powerful benefit. Following the covid epidemic, people appreciate the freedom to choose when and where to do their job. The feeling of freedom is liberating and motivating to deliver a great job.

  • Flexible approach to the place and time of work
  • A pet-friendly office
  • 4-day working week
  • Free legal advice
  • Free financial advice

Lifestyle benefits

Each employee experiences their lives differently and wants to develop their passions. The possibility of choosing a benefit corresponding to their non-work preferences is appreciated and a greater level of commitment. Check the list of the most popular offers.

  • Jointly making a donation to charity
  • The possibility of volunteering in or out of the office
  • Personal trainer at work
  • Tickets for cultural events
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Drinks after 17
  • Integration events
  • Free book readers
  • An addition to buying an electric car
  • Pet insurance
  • Spotify or Neflix, HBOgo subscription

Benefits that make everyday life easier

People spend 80% of their lives working and commuting. There is little time left for private life. Thanks to many benefits, companies make people gain their private time for whatever they want.

  • Apartment cleaning service
  • Private concierge
  • Allowance for commuting
  • Co-financing the installation of solar panels
  • Laundry service with free pick-up and delivery
  • Oil change at work
  • Bicycle service at work

Benefits in the canteen

Ah, lunch break. Coffee talks and information exchange. Precious as gold. Are you organizing a meal in your canteen that allows you to stop for a while and exchange information with colleagues?

  • Free snacks
  • Prepaid meals
  • Fridge with drinks

Family benefits:

For all of us, family is the most important thing. Therefore, family care and family support is a benefit that should be included in every list of the most engaging. Do you offer one of them?

  • Joint life insurance
  • Nursery at work
  • Initiative – show the child where you work
  • Financing of the move for oneself with the family or the declared partner
  • Co-financing of kindergarten / classes for children


I hope that even if you did not use any idea, it inspired you to implement your benefits. Happy people repay with positive relationships and good work. Because happiness is what you share, it multiplies.