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Hello Astra is more than an Applicant Tracking System. We let you focus on the single most important thing in HR – empowering your company by hiring the best talents. Our AI-powered solution helps you significantly reduce recruitment workload and tailor your offer to candidates’ needs.

Employer branding

Customized career page

Create your own branded career page.

Customized job ads

Adjust job ads templates to your needs.

Branded messages

Use your company’s logo and colours in communication.

Social media sharing

Share your job ads in social media with one click.

Mailing templatessoon

Use your own mailing templates in various places in the platform.


Candidate experience

Candidate panel

send candidates links to their panels so they can complete their profile.

GDPR consents management

send candidates links to their panels where they can manage their consents.

Automated feedbacksoon

choose candidates and send them feedback on each step of the process.

Customized interview invitations

Send candidates branded invitations with customized message and meeting details.

Apply with company e-mail

IMAP, POP3 and exchange accounts supported.

Apply by Linkedin profile

allow candidates for one-click application by their Linkedin profiles.

Friendly forms

Adapt the application form to the needs of the position, collect only the information you need.


Market research

Compare salary rangessoon

See market salary ranges for each position you recruit for.

Market demand on the positionssoon

Check how many companies are now recruiting on similar positions.



Recruitment campaigns

create and manage recruitment campaigns, post and share your job ads from one place.

Customizable forms

create user-friendly application form templates, choose required fields and collect the data.

Career page integration via API

Use secured REST API to integrate Hello Astra with company career page.

Social media sharing

Share your job ads in social media with one click.

Candidate profiles

Manage candidates’ files and data, add notes and rate candidates via intuitive profiles.

Managing applicationsnew

Engage, reject or mark as spam selected applications and send feedback to candidates with one click.

Batch resume import

Import multiple resumes at a time from your computer to our secured system.

Application inbox

Integrate with your recruitment e-mail address and send applications to the system automatically.


Search & selection

Basic search by candidates attributes

Search for candidates based on their attributes.

Keywords search within candindates documents

Search resumes, notes and other files.

Boolean search within candidates documents

Search the database using logical operators.

Fuzzy search (ignoring typos)

Search correctly despite typos in queries and candidate files.

AI-powered search with Criteria & Matching

Automatically recommending the best candidates based on the criteria you provide.

Notifications with recommendations

Ongoing information about finding candidates best suited to the role.

Automated candidates rating

Standardized evaluation forms by different users.

Experience calculated by AI

Additional information about candidates based on CV analysis.


Recruitment process

Creating HR projects

Define demand and recruit candidates for open roles.

Customization of the process

Define process steps or use default settings.

Managing the application process

Create application form templates, post offers or collect spontaneous applications.

Recruitment team management

Grant permissions to recruiters, HR managers and project coordinators.

Permission Management

Cooperate with technical recruiters, managers, GDPR officers and others involved in the process

Candidates Ratings

Create candidate evaluations that cover multiple aspects depending on the evaluator's role.


Add any notes to recruitment processes, candidates and projects.

Meeting scheduling and sending invitations

Invite candidates and other attendees to meetings.

Changing statuses

Manage the recruitment process in the candidate's profile.

Recommending for employment

Create recommendations of the best candidates.



Messages to candidates

Keep candidates updated on the progress of the process.

Job Applications

Create job applications based on recommendations.

Summary of upcoming jobs

Preview who starts work to efficiently prepare the implementation.



Analytics on the spot

The ability to track recruitment results on an ongoing basis.

Predefined Reports

Report of meetings, recruitment effectiveness or application sources available immediately.

Dedicated reports

Need custom listings? You can have them in a few days.

Scheduling reports

Schedule reports for a selected period and receive them regularly in your inbox.



Zapier integrations

Connects to Slack, Teams, Office 365 and more.

User management

Add users, complete their details and assign roles.

Permissions management

Adjust permissions per user.

Skills and synonyms management

Create a list of skills and use them in different parts of the system.

Subscription management

View and manage current package usage.

Dictionaries management

Adapt system defaults to suit your needs.

Notifications e-mail management

Change information sent to affected users.

Login by company’s SSO

Gsuite or Microsoft Active Directory.