Recruitment trends which you should implement in 2022
November 30, 2021

The last dozen or so months influenced our work. We can hear and read about it over and over again. On the one hand, you have to keep your finger on the pulse, on the other, you certainly don't have the strength to touch this topic anymore. How many times can you read about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work? Therefore, in order not to tire you unnecessarily, I have prepared the most important recruitment trends for 2022 recruitment without describing the reason that you know very well :)

1. Let the entire recruitment process take place remotely

For some, the news is obvious to others. The implementation of online recruitment at all stages of the process for candidates is a great simplification. If you apply it in addition to the candidates' convenience, you will save a lot of time and money. But money isn't everything. By implementing online recruitment, you increase your pool of candidates. You gain diversity, from now on you don't have to recruit people only from your city but from all over the world. 

In the past, recruitment and remote works were an asset and a benefit. Now it is even a necessity. If this is still an exception in your company, you can count on the candidates to be taken away by the competition. You will increase your chances only thanks to remote recruitment and onboarding.

The Pew Research Center has conducted research on this topic. You can find the results below, or read more at this link 

2. The most important in recruitment trends are soft skills

I assume many recruiters will disagree with me. But think for yourself what will be useful hard and technical skills in the near future. Most of the activities in the world are focused on automation. The implementation of artificial intelligence is coming inexorably. The talent shortage combined with the new technological revolution gives us a cocktail for which not every organization is ready yet.For a long time, we believed that hard skills are the key. You have to learn a lot to be able to carry out your tasks. It turned out not to be a success at all. These are the soft skills acquired over time, which cannot be learned from a book, they are simply the power of success.Torque Bussines talks about the fact that soft skills should become a HIT of recruitment already in 2017 ... Can they be considered as good at analyzing data or that they are visionaries?

Which soft skills will be most important in 2022?

According to the cited article, the most important soft skills especially appreciated by HR will be:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Honesty and ethics
  • Creativity
  • teamwork

All countries in the world release millions of graduates every year. This leads to an overabundance in which education is so common that it does not matter as much as experience and soft skills. In addition, the skills deficit, in general, is deepening. This makes it difficult for HR to find the right candidates and employees. By focusing on soft skills, we are sure that the hard ones will be quickly made up for by new employees.

3. Limitation of unsuccessful employment, high retention

A company that has never made a mistake in employment should be the first to throw a stone.Currently, probably every company is trying to attract as many candidates as possible at the lowest cost. The other side of this coin is the fact that it is not difficult to make a wrong decision when choosing a candidate. Employing a person costs as much as $ 15,000, but a mistake can cost as much as $ 45,000. This is a lot, especially when we are talking about only one position. Imagine how many other ways you can spend this money. The vast majority of recruitment is still based on resumes and cover letters. According to the research conducted by, the most difficult thing is to sift the candidates and select the best ones based on what they have in their CVs. So it is becoming more and more popular to examine candidates on the basis of specific cases. Thanks to this, it is possible to verify whether the candidate has bad skills according to the position for which he or she is applying.When wondering how to pick out a good candidate and how much work does it cost, you should definitely consider whether it will cost you the same amount of work to keep them.


This is the first of three blog articles about recruitment trends for 2022. The most important things we should work on at the beginning are:

  • focusing on ways to a good screening of candidates
  • implementation of 100% online recruitment and onboarding, which will bring us an increase in diversity and a reduction in costs
  • focusing on soft skills that will ensure our success more than a well-trained technical candidate

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Żaneta Pindel
Marketing Manager