Recruitment CRM – do you have meeting management functionality?
September 6, 2020

On our blog, we often discuss important topics in the context of conducting recruitment processes or establishing relationships with candidates. So we decide to tell something about recruitment CRM.

HR knowledge and general recruitment knowledge are very broad areas of expertise. In order to be able to move freely in these areas and achieve results every day. We need a tool that will help us manage our precious working time.


Meetings with candidates are an integral part of every recruiter’s work. Recruiters carry out many recruitment processes on a daily basis. They hold meetings not only with candidates but also with managers, account managers, and clients. In the multitude of all these meetings, which one should be also prepared for, it is not hard for you to get confused. If we can use an ATS (recruitment CRM) in our company, which gives us the opportunity to book meetings, we are able to effectively plan our working week.


Functional calendars in ATS are usually designed to easily and effectively manage not only your time but also that of your callers. First of all, you can organize meetings as part of a specific recruitment project. The data you have will help you to estimate the number of meetings as well as prepare a report for your HR Supervisor. The Hiring Managers very often also wish from you to know how many meetings were held within the process. Working on the Applicant Tracking System calendar helps us not only to easily plan meetings but also to group them and prepare recruitment reports.

Secondly, your candidates and callers are kept up to date with the interview dates and know what stage they are at in the process. We also strongly encourage you to read our previous article, in which we talk about the importance of the relationship with the candidate and taking care of his positive image of the organization.

Thirdly, you not only take care of your time, but you also drill some standards for your organization. The ATS calendar will keep the history of your meetings and your candidates’ processes. Given that the same person you can involve in another recruitment process in the future. It’s good to know how the relationship worked out the first time. If another recruiter is going to lead this person through the second process, consider what data he or she can manage at the very beginning:

  • he or she knows the history of the previous process,
  • knows the history of previous meetings,
  • can easily relate to previous experiences

This is an invaluable value for this recruiter because he or she can develop a positive relationship between the organization and the candidate on the basis of the previous experience and the new process.


Working with modern tools should be a standard for all areas of the organization. Recruitment as an inseparable element of growth and team building must also be supported by such modern time management solutions. The benefits of time management will be appreciated not only by recruiters, but also by candidates, clients, and hiring managers.

Senior HR Recruiter
HR tech