Average Software Developer salary in 2023 in the EU
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January 30, 2023

Average Software Developer salary in 2023 in the EU

Despite major changes in the global labor market, salaries in the IT industry continue to grow. Software programmers earn the most in Switzerland and the USA - about 100 000 euros a year, although employees in a large part of the European Union also have nothing to complain about.

According to Glassdoor data, Software Developers earn the most in Denmark. Among the best-paid employees there were also residents of Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. Software Developers from Romania, Croatia and Greece close the ranks.

The lists below shows the salaries of Software Developers in each EU country at the beginning of 2023. In order to make the results easier to compare, we converted the values into euros at the exchange rate from 30/01/2023.

Median salary of a Software Developer among the EU

In the table below we did not take into account the technology in which the developers are specialized. All the values are medians (the middle value of all the collected results), which better reflect the market condition than the arithmetic average. Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission or profit sharing.

CountrySalary (EUR year)Salary + allowances (EUR year)
Denmark70 985119 780
Luxembourg62 93966 401
Germany62 20066 700
Netherlands61 66067 660
Austria56 59959 599
Ireland56 00061 000
Finland48 00090 000
Sweden44 76681 004
France43 00045 500
Estonia38 62862 628
Lithuania37 65662 580
Belgium37 20060 000
Czech Republic35 20765 384
Malta35 00036 750
Poland33 13552 252
Spain32 00035 500
Latvia30 16841 376
Italy30 00032 000
Slovakia27 37254 768
Cyprus27 00028 600
Slovenia26 74851 984
Hungary24 58139 945
Bulgaria23 72945 130
Portugal20 40049 200
Romania19 88436 456
Croatia17 05628 793
Greece16 80032 400

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Frontend Developer salaries among the EU

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, the most widely used programming language among professional programmers is JavaScript. For 10 years in a row! Second place was taken by HTML/CSS. In fifth place was TypeScript. This is a set of skills that Frontend Developer cannot do without.

The table below presents median salaries for Frontend Developers in selected European Union countries.

CountryBase salary
Denmark69 558
Luxembourg64 731
Ireland56 266
Germany55 000
Netherlands46 260
France44 530
Estonia44 388
Sweden43 870
Finland43 272
Austria36 468

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Backend Developer salaries among the EU

There is a very wide spectrum of backed technologies. As a result, we see a large salary range among backend developers on the market. However, among programmers using the most popular backend technologies, salary fluctuations are relatively small. The most sought-after backend technologies include Python, Java and C#.

Below are the median salaries for Backend Developers in the EU at the beginning of 2023.

CountryBase salary
Denmark75 888
Luxembourg66 013
Netherlands65 000
Ireland62 605
Austria60 000
Germany60 000
Sweden50 259
France47 300
Belgium37 824
Czech Republic35 811

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